monday 9/26

“burnt orange blue”

crossed another autumn equinox…

As long I as recall, the second half of September – to me – feels like the line where a year really ends. I suppose it has to do with living in rural spots at an age where farmers finishing up their growing seasons, against a darker afternoon sky, made an impression. It becomes even more apparent to me today living in a smaller city, hours from the nearest metro area.

There’s no clock for me right now and these sunsets, arriving earlier each day, are the beginning of an adjustment period that comes with a small (really small) bit of anxiety. Every day is just a little shorter. It’s an annual occurrence like a cross between new years eve and sundown on a Sunday (when the rest of the world starts over on a Monday morning).

Autumn equinox has become another summer consumed and I won’t know how many are left until they’re all gone.

No news this week. Still watching the world do what it does. Still stuck on a chorus for the next scheduled release. Still swinging the blade and keeping it sharp.

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