monday 10/3

Got a call to audition for an act in Gladewater. If it’s a go, I’ll have to prep for a show scheduled for 10/15.

This could mean a bit of a balancing act. Until recently, all of my time has been going into the songs I’m about to release. That time was already split between, recording, mixing and all the visuals (including video). Allocating the right amount of time for “everything” is one of the challenges that comes with being at this level (part time – multiple side hustles). I know I won’t have any problems, there’s always been a division between music and “stuff that pays bills”. A year ago, the pie had a more than a few pieces of “stuff that pays bills” vs a single music project. It’s just been a while since the music department had to be split into smaller slices.

Started going through the live rig Saturday and realized the cover hasn’t been off of the road case since 7/3 in Texarkana. I rarely play with an amp at home (lots of benefits to practicing unamp’d). I’m done with that phase. I figured out a way to isolate the noise and will be 100% training like I fight again.