album checks: prelude

Took a break. Road trip back to CA. Drove both ways. Four twelve hour legs across my favorite parts of the US, with a lot of my favorite music as the sound track.

During the break I came to some conclusions: 1. this site needed more content 2. Exploring 40 years of my music history and how connects to the way I play today may reveal where to go next.

I made a list of ideas. One of those ideas was: “label a category “album checks” and make a regular series of posts beginning with older albums that impacted me and possibly do reviews of new releases.

I’m gonna use the term album because, I’m old enough to remember the experience of slipping on a pair of headphones , dropping a needle, getting comfortable and scanning the sleeves, liners and lyric sheets. The visuals of the album package was as important to the experience as the audio filling my ears.

There aren’t many periods or events in my life where I can’t remember what I was listening to as they unfolded.

Albums marked the years, Albums were archaeological evidence, Albums are the specific courses necessary for a continuous recertification process that I go through as a musician and producer.

This is what the album check category is all about (click the link for all articles jn this category)